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Xtreme packaged drinking water is growing and we need franchisees who will help us reach wider markets, and thus bridge the gap between supply and customer demand.


If you have the drive, the business acumen, the customer connect and the passion for sales and ready to invest between 10 to 15 lakhs, then we are looking for you. You get training, marketing, production, advertising and infrastructural support from Xtreme Agro Farms Pvt. Ltd., and are all set to fast track your growth when you become Xtreme packaged drinking water franchisee. The market for packaged drinking water is growing at an astounding rate of CAGR 14% annually. The revenue for 2018 alone is close to 5000 cr. for the licensed bottled drinking water market. It is growing at a much faster rate than carbonated drinks including sodas, Pepsi, Coke etc. This is the time to partner with a company which is ready to grab this opportunity.


By becoming our franchisee, you get a chance to be a part of one of the fastest growing sectors in India. The packaged drinking water market is set to grow exponentially, and Elixir will spearhead this growth in India.

Why Partner With Us ?

We want to partner with a franchisee who will be able to take our business to the next level. We also want you to earn profits and run a growing business. When you become our franchisee, you become associated with a young, exciting and fast-growing brand.

What are Your Benefits ?

Exciting Brand

We are an exciting and upcoming brand that will achieve strong brand recognition in the market. We are a young brand and aim to build marketing initiatives around this. In time,
you will enjoy the ‘cool’ brand perception that comes with Xtreme Packaged Drinking Water.

Established Business Systems

Our group is a reputed and an established name in iron and steel industry since last 35 years. When you become our franchisee, you have the backing of established business systems and processes, and can smoothly get
started with your business in no time.


Our franchise will benefit from continuous and consistent training that will be provided by us. You will get complete support and initial onboarding services from our team. There will also be ongoing training and development programs to improve your business operations and introduce new product offerings and other corporate initiatives.

Strong Backend Support

We realize that there are several challenges franchisees face in running a successful business. Along with training you will get continued backend support to help with every business activity including marketing, accounting, PR, human resource management and recruitment. We know that our success is inextricably linked to the success of our franchisees.


The advertisement is key to building customer engagement. We are responsible for conducting market research, identifying customer demographics, deciding marketing objectives and choosing suitable marketing media. We ensure that there is a strong buzz around our products and strive to build a strong brand.

Better Purchase Power

We are an established group and have a strong, reliable and trusted network of vendors and suppliers. Since we buy raw material in bulk, we have higher negotiation power and enjoy greater buying capacity at the lower price. Ultimately, we are able to pass on these benefits to you.

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